It’s our New Year’s Eve special! Listen tonight when you’re drunk, or tomorrow when you’re still drunk. I’d write a better blurb, but I need to get drunk! Enjoy and have a safe, responsible, Happy New Year!

It’s our first ever Christmas/Holiday show! Dean and Phil discuss/argue memorable Holiday films. Please enjoy responsibly! 

This week, Dean and Phil discuss the importance of word-of-mouth in a TV-less world, Golden Globe nominations, why German Sheppard puppy mills can expect a boom, and why filmmakers should “always follow the model of a film that burns in hell”. Truly, the excitement of the season is upon us!

The big 3-0! Today Dean and Phil are joined by voice actor par excellence David Sobolov!


Hey, we’re back, we’re late , that’s how it goes here sometimes. Today, Dean tells tales of ghost hunting on the Queen Mary (spooky), gives us the 411 on his benefit performances, and Phil and Dean ponder whether Dean’s old TV crew, The Lone Gunmen, could be brought back. Enjoy!