Dean and Phil are off to Olandar tonight for a special reading of Phil’s new screenplay, but before they go, they’ve checked into the offices to record a special birthday episode. Join Dean in helping Phil celebrate as Phil turns The New 30! Dean also catches us up on the latest adventures filming Rough Hustle on location in Nevada. Dean and Phil discuss the James Bond franchise, the “Star Trek” franchise and Twilight. They also briefly touch on the impending Screen Actors Guild strike. Forgive a few occasional glitches in audio quality during the show. They don’t last long and we promise to get to the bottom of things once we sober up from Phil’s birthday celebrations!

Dean Haglund and Phil Leirness are live from the set of Rough Hustle, a feature film co-starring Dean. They interview the writer-director, the executive producer and they discuss the joys of ’80’s video game Galaga!


Phil may be deeply ensconced in the woods of Vermont and Dean may be shooting a movie this week, but neither of those things can keep us from bringing you a brand new show! Long time listeners (like Erynn) have been clamoring for another one of Dean and Phil’s special Top Ten shows. This time, Dean and Phil countdown their all-time favorite comedians … Hundreds of names get mentioned, personal influences and inspirations are revealed and historic context and significance are analyzed. You won’t want to miss it!